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“I don’t know, on an elephant… historical… I never tried it,” I quipped

But Jack did not feel my subtle veiled humor, which cannot be said about Cyril, he was already barely choking his laughter, presenting erotic scenes with me on an elephant. I kept trying to figure out what kind of historical elephant this is? Maybe Alexander the Great himself drinks vodka in their video, he seemed to be friends with elephants too.

“Here's my business card,” Jack put his card on the edge of the table. - Call...

“I can’t promise,” I said honestly. We are not allowed to communicate with players after...

“Hi, Jack,” the hip-hoper called out loudly over his head.

A pretty black-haired girl in frayed jeans and a white T-shirt with a red heart and the inscription "I love New York", with a plastic transparent folder clamped under her arm, kissed Jack on the cheek and flopped down on a nearby stool.

- Oh, Christy! Hai! - rejoiced at the unexpected appearance within the walls of the casino of his hip-hopper girlfriends and switched to Russian: - Meet me. This is Alya. I studied Russian with her.



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