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A Growers Resource Hub

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Tay's Farm, an ENA membership program, is dedicated to supporting growers with a resources. We are actively developing a workshops schedule and assessing needs to cater to both beginners and experienced growers, aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The three key components of Tay’s  are: physical resource assistance, education programming, and commercialization assistance. ENA will not manage participants’ farms. Rather, we will serve as a resource providing assistance where appropriate, and creating a space for urban farmers to meet and join each other in community.

Physical resource assistance programming will include the construction of teaching gardens, community compost piles, seed and cutting giveaways, and help with the installation of homesteading infrastructure in qualifying residents’ yards. The ENA will also fold its tool library (a tool sharing program we have operated for many years) into Tay’s, so residents can borrow garden tools. The ENA community room will be available at set times as an agricultural hall, so community gardeners can meet to talk about their crops, share inspiration, and swap seeds and cuttings.


Education programming will be carried out in conjunction with Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and local Experts. Education programs will be available to the Kalamazoo community on a sliding pay scale. Program participants will receive instruction in growing produce at home for the entire possible growing season. Education programs will also teach participants how to preserve food, and how to save seeds for future plantings.

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